Coastering in Gran Canaria

Coastering is a great way to have fun in a group and enjoy nature. It is a multiple adventure activity, where you will be fully equipped and ready to overcome any obstacle on the way.

You will be using equipment normally used for rock climbing, canyoning and free diving to get a full experience with loads of fun and as usual, maximum level of safety.

Gran Canaria’s coast has a never ending collection of hidden places with hard access. There is where you will find the most fun. Discover all these wild places.

Coastering Islas CanariasThe island’s landscapes have no rival. Enjoy nature at it’s best. Have fun.

What is coastering?

We walk and swim along the coast always in short distances. On the way we will find loads of interesting things that nature put there for us. The idea is to cross them in the most interesting way.

For this we will use techniques normally used in other sports and also a lot of imagination and creativity. You will find places where you jump straight to the water or you just climb easy rocks. But you will also find places not so easy to cross and there we will have something ready for you so we can abseil, zip line or other things that are also great fun. It is an expereince best practiced with friends where you will take pictures and have loads of fun.


Go coastering with us:

Description Includes Group Video
Exclusive route Smooth and progressive, with high level obstacles, everybody can come. Shirt and pics 70 65 x 2
55 x 3
50 x 4 +
20 ind
30 group


Excursions for companies and groups:

Team bulding and groups of friends.

# People # Days
5 1 250
5 2 350
10 1 450
10 2 650


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Photos of coastering

Salto al agua meintras hacemos coastering

Rapel de altura como acceso al coastering

Un poquito de apnea mientras hacemos coastering

Tirolina sobre el agua cayendo en las olas

Caminando hacia playa escondida

Tomas bajo el agua en coastering

Cueva mientras costeamos

Pasando por las charcas con marea baja

Mortal atrás cayendo en pozo

poquito de apnea miemntras nos divertimos en coastering

Caminando al filo de la orilla

grupo de coastereros

chica salta al agua en coastering

saltos y piruetas al mar

salto de superman al agua

cayendo al agua en la costa Norte de Gran Canaria

Coastering cerca de Las Palmas

enjoying the pounds while coastering

rapel en coastering

coastering in Gran Canaria

jump coastering

coastering North Canary Islands

swiming while coastering

zipline tirolina

waves and coastering

rapel de coastering

coatering Gran Canaria

chicas haciendo coastering


Video Coastering