Paragliding in Canary islands

For many paragliding is considered the king of sports. Flying at its purest, simplest, cheapest and most fun way. Paragliding has it all. Even though it looks simple, this modern sport uses the most advanced technology. And Paragliding in Canary islands is unforgetable.

Just the fact that we fly with something we take out of a backpack, is something incredible.

There are very few places in Europe where you can paraglide all year round, yes, flying during winter time is something that not many pilots in Europe are privileged with.

The Canary islands are the best place for learning to fly a paraglider. It’s not only its great schools and instructors, but also the magnificent weather all year long that makes student’s progress very quickly.

In a matter of days you will be flying on your own, and after the second week, you will only need a bit more of supervision while you feel safe and ready to fly independently anywhere in the world.

If you are already a pilot and you are visiting Canary islands, you have the option of taking any of our progression courses. You will learn many tricks that will make you feel much more comfortable while flying.

You will improve your ground control and that will make you take off safer, on top of that, you will get much more precise at landing.

Another important thing is that you will practice some maneuvers for descending quicker when you need to, this is something that everybody should know.

lf you only want to fly freely with a professional guide making sure that you don’t get into any trouble or in case you need to improve one of your specific skills, take advantage of this oportuinity and let the experts in the area to show you the best sites on the islands.

Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma and of course El Hierro, are little paradises for paragliding and perfect sites either for learning to paraglide or for getting better at your skills. Or just to have an unforgeatable holiday at the same time you are practicing your favourite sport. We offer everything you could need.

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Tandem flight in Canary islands:

There are dozens of take offs on the islands, each of them with different characteristics. Great variety of different kinds of flights lets you decide among them and we make it happen.

If you wish to and conditions are right, the pilot will let you use the handles and control the glider when it’s safe, and you will become a pilot for a moment.

Each flight is different, from a different height, with different access and different duration. The price will vary in accordance to this.

Important: This sport relies entirely on weather, the duration of the flight isn’t guaranteed neither is the flight itself.

Vuelo Description
Gran Canaria Fly near Las Palmas and over the sea. 80€
Tenerife Adeje Fly in the South of Tenerife. 120€
Tenerife Izaña One of the most spectacular flights in the world. Take off from over 2500 mts to cross a sea of clouds and land by the beach. 130€


Courses for all levels:

Course Description Duration
Introduction Learn everything you need to become a pilot. You will learn basic theory but more important, you will practice a lot with the equipment, a lot on the ground and a lot more in the air. 7 days 950€
Progression Get better at your skills, let an expert see what your deficiencies are and we’ll work together on them. The best way to get better in paragliding. 4 days 400€
Suited to your level Whatever you need, whatever your level ??? ???


Guide service:

Come to fly and don’t worry about anything. Nobody knows the area better than us. Take advantage of all flying chances and don’t waste your time visiting places that aren’t suitable to fly because of the conditions. We know where you can fly safely and create unforgetable memories.

# Pilots # Days
€ Transportation
1 1 50


2 1 80


1 2 90


2 2 160


¿Paragliding in Canary islands? We make it easy for you

Let us organize your trip and save in everything you need, we have all sorts of choices available for all likes and needs:

  1. Hotels
  2. Vehicles
  3. Pick up service
  4. Equipment rental

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Narrated by Bruce Goldsmith. The Flying Islands movie helps free flying pilots and other people interested in meteorology to get a deeper understanding of the wind. A group of international paraglider pilots set off for a trip around the Canary Islands to try to understand local conditions better.

Learn with the them how the weather behaves worldwide using this beautiful scenery as background.
Fully made by and

If you want to do a trip like this keep reading.

Fly the 7 Islands with us any time of the year. Full package all inclusive:


Transport in the islands and between them

As much flying as you want



21 days

2000 euros per person minimum 5 people


Thanks to the high number of flyable days through the year the Canary Islands are the perfect place to learn, progress and gain knowledge and expertise to become an experienced paraglider pilot.

In this collection of videos “The Flying Islands” will help to get a deeper understanding of the wind using real images and animations to explain different meteorology concepts. Join us in this trip to the islands while we all learn new things about wind. Narrated by Bruce Goldsmith

Anticyclones or high pressure centers are found between the subtropical and mild areas of the planet.
The Azores anticyclone usually spreads throughout the North Atlantic and focuses on the so-called archipelago.

“The Flying Islands” helps to explain different meteorological phenomena that are key to understanding free flight sports. In this chapter based on the island of Gran Canaria we can understand a little more about how an anticyclone is formed and behaves. Visit our profile and check out the complete series. Paragliding in Canary islands, ask us for more info.