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In Aventura en Canarias we make things happen. Whatever your needs and your budget for sure we are going to make it work. We have all material you may need, from Go pros to helicopters, we organize everything for you and take care of all logistics, locations, permits etc.

Here our latest production, a serie of videos about paragliding filmed for the Government of the Canary Islands with the sponsorship of Bruce Goldsmith Designs. The Flying Islands

Narrated by Bruce Goldsmith.
This movie really rocks. It is very helpful for all sorts of pilots specially the ones that love free flying. See the Canary Islands and all its beauty. You are really going to enjoy watching these videos.

Don’t miss the introduction to the flying in the Islands, not only the weather but also things you need to know if you are going to fly around or just planning a trip to the archipielago

Simply amazing. Flying in Fuerteventura is really incredible. Some of the best sceneries you could think of.

If you are willing to understand how weather really starts please have a look at this amazing vid. Lanzarote is a great place to explain how high and low pressures work.

Gran Canaria is a great place for paragliding, like the rest of the islands is governt by the Azores anticyclone so we took this opportunity to explain how it works.

Flying in the Leeward side is usually not suggested BUT in the Canary Islands is something common that
if done appropriately can be enjoyed quite safely.

La Gomera Island is beautiful from the ground, but when you fly it´s twice as pretty. You can understand more about how breezes work when you study the flying on this island. Watch the full video at

Tenerife is a great flying site, you can fly almost everyday. The thermal inversion that is a common feature in all the islands is very easy to observe thanks to Mount Teide.






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