Cruz Grande – Pico de Las Nieves
Level 1: Through marked paths mostly, 4 hrs, 400 mts.  30 euros
Level 3: We go up to the peak, highest point in Gran Canaria, 5 hrs 45 euros

There are many paths that  cover the high area of Gran Canaria, but this is one of the nicest and also has great history. In top of that we visit the highest points of the island.

This path was restored in the last century, it goes up and up, almost nonstop through the ridge till Los Caideros, surrounded with loads of plants and cactus. The landscape is volcanic and 90% of the plants you will see can only be seen on these islands.

The smells are also fantastic, its like natural perfume all the way through.


When we cross La Plata we enter the highlands where lava has cooled down quickly and has formed incredible shapes.

We enter a pine forest which gives us a cool shade.

When we get to the rim we can see a 600 mts. drop in to the sunny void. You can feel the wind in your face and its time to enjoy some tea or coffee that locals would get for you.

Roque Nublo- Pajonales- Presa de las Niñas Level 1-2 12 km 6 hrs. With much smooter variants.

The path that goes through this natural space is amazing. Its not only beautiful but full of fame and tradition. Most of this is because the landscape and rock formations are stunning. There are no difficulties so its ready for most people that are willing to walk and have fun. We still have to walk with caution though.

Standing next to Roque Nublo is just incredible, its just so big and lonely.

Then we walk through an amazing pine forest only to get to this beautiful Presa de Las Niñas dam.

Ayagaures-Las Tederas  Nivel 1-2 7 hrs walking slowly and with many stops. 15 km. 30 euros

We´ll walk along the dam side and we´ll be able to admire few of the most impressive lakes on Gran Canaria. The path goes up quickly but we will go slowly so we can enjoy nature. We´ll go quite slowly and with many stops so we can talk about history of the area and enjoy the spectacular views.


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La Palma

More natural would be impossible, best way to know the Canary Islands is walking.

Thousands of tracks and paths cover all the islands forming complex spider webs almost impossible to follow, that is why we are here.

La Palma is one of the sites for trekking most important in the world. Visit the most popular places and also the less known, discover places nobody has ever heard of. Gigantic falls, canyons, beaches, cliffs, ancient towns. La Palma has it all, its weather makes it possible to hike here all year round.

All kinds of paths for all kinds of people, from very short tracks to days up the mountains. You won’t find a better way to see it and, over all, you won’t find a safer way. Get to know the popular and beautiful Ruta de Los Volcanes (Route of the Volcanoes).

Professional guides with years of experience know each corner of the island and will show you the most spectacular places you couldn’t even dream about, they will be next to you to show you and explain history and more.

La Palma, the beautiful island, little paradise for hikers and the perfect place to enjoy nature while you exercise, spend an unforgettable holiday at the same time you practice your favorite sport. We offer everything you could possibly need.



Trek Description Duration
Ruta de los volcanes
+550m., -1250m., 18km.
Transport and guides included
From Refugio de Pilar we go up to Las Deseadas (1950m.) passing through volcán de
San Juan (eruption 1949) a Lunar landscape with dozens of volcanic cones. Before entering the pine forest, el volcán colorado, Martin (eruption on 1646). We finish in Los
Canarios where taxi-bus will take us back home after a drink and tapa at bar Parada.
6,5 hours 7 pax 260
15 pax 380
30 pax 680
El Teneguia+
50m., -750m.,
6 km , easy.
Transport, tickets and guides included.
Meeting point : Bar Parada, main road Los Canarios, where bus stops L200 here we can try special coffee.
In the visitors center el Volcán San Antonio (1676-1677) we watch a 10min. video and walk along the lip of the crater.We walk down through lava and ash… down to el volcan de Teneguia, till now the last eruption in Spain (1971)!! You decide if we climb up to the top.
Now we walk down through a moon like landscape but black, all the way to Fuencaliente where we visit the salt factory and few more centers and then a splash in the atlantic.
We go to the light house and back on the bus to Los Canarios.
4,5 hours 7 pax 190
17 pax 290
32 pax 510
The roof of The pretty island
+400, -1700
20 km
Transport and guides included
After a long and nice taxi ride above 2000m. through a windy road, we start the top of P.N. La Caldera, Pico de la Cruz (2351m.). We keep going along the crater where you usually get great views. We cross the clouds and then a whole pine forest till the Virgen Church where we take the taxi back to civilization. 7 hours 7 pax 260
15 pax 380
30 pax 680
Caldera de Taburiente
+200m., -1000m.,
16 km. (hard)
Transport and guides included
Since 1954 la Caldera de Taburiente is a national park with an 8km diameter crater.
We start in Los Brecitos (1081m.) in a spectacular canarian pine forest and then we get to river Taburiente.
Later we go down to el Reventon (-250m.) again H2O, Cascada de Colores, Dos Aguas, Riachuelo Angustias which you cross over 50 times. In a hot day its a real luxory to have these cascades and ponds.
There are vulcanic rocks, several trials, and even underwater lava.
6,5 hours 7 pax 290
15 pax 430
30 pax 720
Trek for your needs Pick your own route 1 day 130 up to 4 pax


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