What to do on the beach on a day without waves? If you are someone who can’t sit still or sleep during the day, or maybe you want to improve your fitness by performing a fun, non-impact sport, or just want to enjoy the sun and the ocean, charge up your energy, leaving behind the daily stress … if you identify with any of these options, you have found what you need! Your sport is Paddle Surf!

Originally from Hawaii, Paddle Surf or Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) came, as we know it today, as an alternative training for the Hawaiian surfers when there were no waves. It is basically surfing standing on their longboards and paddling with canoes oars.

Currently SUP boards and paddles have adapted to the activity, being able to practice in their variety or simply surfing waves on calm water. Either way, SUP is a complete and fun sport that combines aerobic and anaerobic evasion and exercise.

Standing on the table, you’ll glide over the surface of the water and barely noticing it, you will work on your trunk muscle reflexes and natural balance, all while enjoying the benefits of the sea and the outdoors.

For this activity we will move along the coast looking for the best conditions in Gran Canaria. In the northern area there are natural bays sheltered from the waves and wind, with transparent waters and spectacular surroundings. Navigate and explore this rugged coastline, discovering places you would otherwise not see.

In the southern region with its rugged scenery, clear and calm waters which amaze us with beautiful nature.

And also there are coasts with magnificent beaches to explore …

With our monitors you can do this activity, which is suitable for all ages, in a safe, fun and affordable. Adapting to your availability, we offer two hours single classes (€ 35) or five-day courses (150 €). Both options include course, all material and necessary insurance.