Scuba diving and free diving in the Canary islands

Water is life, or in other words, ocean is bursting with life. What is for some people totally unknown, is for scuba divers their playgroud.

You could hardly match the relaxing feeling of adventure you get in an immersion to anything else.

There are very few places in Europe where you can practice scuba diving all year round. In Canary islands we have the privilege of having a perfect weather that allows us to practice this sport almost everyday.
For this and many other reasons, Canary Islands are probably the best place for learning and practicing scuba diving. With all sorts of dives: shipswrecks, reefs, coasts, caves, fish, deep dives, free diving, etc. will help you create unforgettable experience.

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A dive-medical certificate is a requirement.



Experiences: Baptisms, snorkeling and more 

The best way to know if this sport is for you.
Get to Know another world, dive into the sea and try new experiences.
We suggest an immersion with a bottle, for people that have never practiced this sport before. It is a very high impact activity that is 100% safe. We do it in the sea with qualified instructors that go individually with each person.
But if you prefer or you are comming with your family and you only want to show them the underwater world, you can pick snorkeling and have a wonderful day.

Description € Resident
You learn all the basics during the morning and in the afternoon you go for a proper immersion with an instructor. 29 18
Scuba review Theory and dive with exercises 29 18
Discover snorkeling Mask and snorkel without going down. Video 29 18
Baptism Breath with all the equipment without going down more than 3 meters. 30 20



Guide service: 

Come to dive and don’t worry about anything, nobody knows the area better than us. Take advantage of all diving chances and don’t waste your time visiting places where you won’t see a thing. We know where to go, and more important, where we can do it safely.

A dive-medical certificate is required for this activity.

A dive-insurance is a required for this activity.

Dive € Resident
Dive 25 14
Double dive 46 23




Dive-medical certificate 25
Equipment per dive 10
Tank or regulator for nitrox Ask
Boat-dive 13
Night dive 10
Underwater lamp 5
Insurance 1 day 6
Insurance 1 month 22
Insurance 1 year 38


We make it easy for you

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  1. Hotels
  2. Vehicles
  3. Pick up service
  4. Equipment rental

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