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The Canary Islands are the perfect place for paragliding. Its mild climate all year round makes it the ideal place. The Canaries are one of the very few places in Europe with these virtues, because while the winter is so cold on the mainland, here you can fly and learn to fly almost every day.

We have been offering guiding services for many years now, and our paragliding schools have more than 20 years of experience in paragliding. We have the best instructors and guides, who will make sure you have the best experience.

In a couple of weeks you will learn to fly on your own, or if you already know how to do it, with us you can progress in a very safe way, although if what you are interested in is simply a tandem flight, a flight where you just have to sit back and enjoy, as the certified pilot who will be in control of the aircraft will do everything for you, then this place is also for you. This is sure to be one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life.


The privileged climate of the Canary Islands makes scuba diving possible all year round. Dives of all kinds accompanied at all times by professionals in the field: coral reefs, aquariums, wrecks, night dives and we also have all kinds of courses for whatever your level.

In the so called “baptisms” you will find out what this sport is all about if you don’t know it yet, we will give you all the necessary theory and provide you with all the equipment to use.

If you are already a little more familiar with diving then we have any course you need, and if you are already an advanced diver you can choose from any of our exciting adventure options. We can also simply hire any equipment you may need, our prices are unbeatable anywhere else in the archipelago.

Rock climbing

It would be difficult to find anywhere else in Europe where rock climbing is anything like what we have in the Canary Islands.

Thousands of routes scattered all over the islands, both sport, classic and artificial climbing, the best climate you could ask for allows us to climb almost every day of the year. We have the hobby, we have the place, we have the means, we have everything.

We have the best climbers, guides and instructors. In a few days you will learn how to climb safely and also how to belay your companions. Of course, if you are already a climber, we also offer what you surely need.

Organise one-day climbing trips with your classmates or colleagues. Climbing can be used as a dynamic for all kinds of groups and is definitely not dangerous in the hands of professionals.

This sport is not only fun and exciting, it is also very healthy, you can take it easy and climb simple things or you can take it very seriously until you get a technique and strength that will allow you to climb places you could never have imagined. Give it a try.


Looking for a thrill? How about a little jump into the void? Adrenaline rush and you don’t have to have any previous experience, just jump. Come and jump off a bridge and feel the acceleration of gravity. You’ve never been safer, you’ll never have so much fun. This is the experience you’ve been waiting for. Come and enjoy the fall and let our pendulum jump make you feel the best.

For centuries people have been jumping from bridges with ropes made of different materials, but nowadays the technology is very advanced and the ropes are becoming more dynamic but at the same time more resistant. At Aventura en Canarias we have designed a unique system in which we use 3 ropes and 4 harnesses. Each of these devices is safe by itself but the way we use it makes it more comfortable to work with and gives a better comfort to the jumper when descending.

Come and enjoy, as always, you know you are in the best hands.


We collaborate with the best surfers on the islands.

Paddle Surf

Enjoy the sun and the sea and forget about the rest.

Paratrike y paramotor

Experience the adrenaline and the mix of sea and air.


Nature and active leisure, a perfect mix.

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Aventura en Canarias is, par excellence, the website for adventure seekers. Our team of professionals, which only includes the best and most responsible sportsmen in each discipline and our wide coverage in the Canary Islands are the key to practice the sports you like the most in the most practical, simple, comfortable and economical way.

Whether you are an amateur who is only interested in doing these sports from time to time, or if you are a beginner looking to learn from scratch, or maybe you have a good notion but want to progress to become an expert, or maybe you are already an expert and just want to visit another place and practice your favourite sport, we are surely the solution to your problems because we have the highest range of services and products suitable for your needs.



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Fantastic experience! I wanted to try paragliding which I had never done before. Great communication, very good treatment, at first I was afraid but they helped me to live the experience in an incredible way. super happy!!!
Guglielmo Pisapia
A unique experience, the instructors are charming, they care at all times that you live the experience to the fullest, Fabricio with whom we flew a charm and Cris although we did not fly with him a charm and super pending that you enjoy this unique moment, I recommend 100% and will repeat without doubt..thanks guys.
Anouk Santana
If you want to have fun practising risky sports with good professionals, this is the place for you, look no further ☺️
David Figueras Mentado

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