Aventura en Canarias is the best website for adventurers, seeking excitement and fun.
We reach every corner of Canary islands with the best team of workers and athletes. This way you can have loads of fun and at the same time your safety is guaranteed.
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a top class expert, we will always have something to offer you:

  • Professional guiding service
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment sale
  • Transportation
  • Video and photo service
  • Insurance
  • Official schools
  • Courses of all sorts
  • Gift vouchers

Despite many people calling these sports “Risk activities”, the truth is that if you learn them the proper way, you use the right equipment and accumulate enough experience, the risks are minimized to almost zero. This way you can get as much adrenaline as possible and all this while you are doing something healthy and having a lot of fun.

The Canary islands are one of the best places where you can practice these kind of sports. The landscape is perfect, the facilities are great and the weather is just unbeatable.

If you don’t live on this paradise, we invite you to discover its beauties, you won’t regret it. If you are from here, don’t waste your time and give us a call. Contact us now.



Canary islands are the perfect place for paragliding. We have great weather all year round.
You can fly almost every day, so it’s certainly the best place in Europe for learning to fly.

Our school has been teaching paragliding for over 20 years on the most suitable spots, so we have a long history in our services and lots of experiences.

After a couple of weeks, you’ll be a competent pilot, or if you already are, you will improve your skills whatever your level is. But if all you want is a tandem flight, all you need to do is sit and relax, a professional pilot will be in charge of the aircraft and will do everything for you, while you enjoy the view and take pictures. We can guarantee that this will be one of the best experiences of your life.

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Paramotor Gran Canaria

Discover paramotoring in Gran Canaria

Scuba diving

The magnificent weather of Canary islands makes it possible to practice scuba diving all year round.

Immersions of all kind, always next to an expert: Coral reefs, aquariums, shipwrecks, night immersions and all sorts of courses suitable for your current level of knowledge and experience.

In the so called baptism you will understand what this sport is all about. If you are a beginner, we will provide you with all theory and equipment necessary.

For those already familiar with this sport, we have the course to help you to improve and if you are already a very experienced diver, you can pick from the wide range of other options we offer.

We can also provide the cheapest equipment you can find in the Canary islands, either to buy or rent it.

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Rock climbing

It would be impossible to find another place in Europe where rock climbing could be compared to what we have in the Canary islands.

Thousands of bolted and classic routes spread all over the islands, you can even find artificial routes. The best weather in Europe will let you climb almost everyday if you want to. We have the will, we have the ways, we have the place, yes we have it all!

We have climbing shops with all the material you could need, professional schools and gyms, public and private, competitions for all levels, what else could you wish for?

With our expert climbers and instructors, you will learn how to climb and how to belay safely in just a few days. If you are already a climber, we could also provide whatever you need.

Organize climbing daytrips with your friends and colleagues. Climbing is not dangerous if you are with the right people, using the right equipment.

This sport is very beneficial for your body and at the same time fun and exciting. You can either take it easy and climb very easy routes or push your limits and discover things you never thought you could do.

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Sky diving

Sky diving is one of those sports that everybody should try at least once in a lifetime. There is really no better place for this than the Canary islands with its beautiful coasts and views. The drop is nice and long, just perfect to enjoy the view over the landscapes.

The amazing weather enables us do this basically every day.

Jumping from an airplane is without a doubt, one of the most amazing things one could experience. If you’ve never done it, don’t wait any longer, subscribe to one of our courses and in few days you will be doing it on your own. Of course if you just want to try it once, or give a great present to someone you like, this is your opportunity. Get a tandem flight and be prepared for a great adventure.

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Body Board

Winters in Canary islands could not be better. Top quality waves hit our shores constantly to give locals and visitors the best rideable experience.

There is no other place in Europe with the same wave quality that gets this mild temperature, especially in winter when the waves are bigger. Imagine riding waves during winter with a shining sun or being on a sandy beach with friendly waves in the summer.

Waves here are of all kinds. Some as hollow as you can imagine but don’t panic, if your level doesn’t get that far, we have some of the best beaches for learning or just improving your level in a very short time.

If you are already an experienced rider and just want to have a nice holiday without worrying about anything, we can arrange things for you, so you can focus on riding those waves, while we take care of the rest.

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Learning to surf in the Canary islands doesn’t not only sound amazing, it is amazing.

Surfing doesn’t need to be a dream, in fact, we make sure you can do it in the simplest way and in a very affordable way.

Surfers, guides and professional instructors holding all certifications needed, provide this service so you can practice this beautiful sport in the safest way possible.

Our schools are located on one the most popular beaches and also on the most suitable ones for learning to surf.
We also have equipment for sale or rent so you don’t have to move around with yours if you don’t want to.

We have a perfect service for whatever your needs are. We also collaborate with the best surfcamps and hostels around, so your wallet doesn’t need to suffer.

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Kite surfing

Learning to kitesurf in the Canary islands is your best bet, since conditions here are constantly great.

Wind, waves, certified schools, events, material and all the facilities we have, make this place the closest thing to paradise.

We offer the service you need whatever your level. You can learn kitesurfing in the Canary islands, or you can come to visit and play, while you enjoy all things we have to offer.

Sunny weather all year round and mild water temperature make the perfect scenario for practicing kitesurf, with a great bonus, you can do it all year long.

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Mountain Bike

Complete sport, suitable for everybody.

Beauty of Canary islands gets even better when experienced with a mountain bike. Of course it is also more enjoyable, when you are doing exercise at the same time.

We have shops all over the islands and we organize all kinds of expeditions almost on a daily basis.

Discover places you never imagined that are only reachable by bike or walking.

Enjoy our day trips and take full advantage of the packages we have for groups and families. Visit the neighbor islands, being confident that we will always be there in case you need us.
We know places not many other know about.

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Aventuraencanarias.com has something to offer to everybody. If what you are looking for is a bit of adventure, but something that can really be done by everyone, then trekking is your best choice.

We know basically every single trek on the islands. We can take you to hidden trails, where nobody else usually goes. We organize group trips almost everyday, but you can hire us for private hikes.

You won’t find a better way to see the islands. You will be enjoying and taking pictures or videos of the most amazing landscapes ever, step by step.

If what you are looking for is a bit more exercise, we also have walking expeditions with a faster pace. Mostly designed for people who are training, but at the same time they want to enjoy our little paradise. Usually hikers find this a great and fun way to do it.

We can take you to all the waterfalls, rivers, mountains, water dams, canyons, pine forests or beaches taking the most interesting and beatiful paths that exist.

Meet likeminded people and spend a great day in a good company.

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