Bridging in Gran Canaria

Bridging is one of the most attractive and requested activities in recent years. Of course, we will not stay behind with our offers. With our weather and spectacular sites, the adventurer’s curriculum would be incomplete without this mark.

This activity has developed a lot in the past years, modern security systems are far beyond the ones used just few years ago. The backup method used here, makes this sport a lot safer and Aventura en Canarias has always been investing in safety.

Our locations are perfect due to their easy access. Bridges used are unique since they have an area for pedestrians which makes the jump 100% safe from traffic.

What is bridging?

Bridging is jumping from a bridge, attached to ropes either to your waist or legs, so you can accelerate in a progressive way and break on the same principle.

In this modality you can feel the free fall and void feeling. This is something that very few activities can offer in a completely safe way since the way you stop is progressive and there is no impact.



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