Free Flight Paragliding 60€

Free Flight Tandem Paragliding 60€ only For you!! for the fly you have the option for more Time and get the pics..,;))

We are now on the takeoff, with magnificent views of the sea. Here, in 5 minutes, we will prepare the two-seater paraglider. We will also give you some brief instructions so that the takeoff, the flight and the landing are as simple as possible. Then the passenger will put the chair to fly in tandem, it is like a backpack on the back. We will close the 3 closures. Standing, the chair is somewhat uncomfortable and makes our movements a bit difficult but once seated, in flight and enjoying the scenery, the truth is that it is very comfortable. The passenger is held in front and the pilot goes behind. Before the start, we will always ask you if everything is ready for you and only after the pilot will decide the most suitable moment for the takeoff (always depending on the wind and its direction).

We will explain to you that although we are going to leave with the mentality of making a race, you will notice a resistance from the paraglider, but you should not stop trying to run. If there were any problems during the takeoff, we would simply stop and start again, because absolutely nothing happens.

The advantage of flying with the paraglider is that everything happens very slowly and you can start over again without any problem. The passenger only has to think about his own career since the pilot will coordinate everything else. Now we have taken off after the race and when the pilot indicates we will proceed to sit in the chair. For that, you do not have to do anything special, just let yourself go and enjoy comfort, safety and this new feeling of newly discovered flight. The paraglider takes off at about 15 km / hour. If we have 15 km / h of face wind we will practically swell the sail and in only 2 or 3 meters of race we will already be in the air.

During the flight there are sensations of sliding, softness, safety and ease. Soon after, that concern for the unknown disappears and we begin to fully enjoy the moment.