Horseback riding in Gran Canaria

Riding horses is a unique experience, relaxing and good for everybody. From the youngest person in your family to the biggest guys, horseback riding is the best therapy against stress and great for kids to have fun.

Gran Canaria is a perfect place for doing this activity, since we can do it all year round. We can ride throughout the island on the countryside or along the sandy beaches.

Learning to ride horses is great. Bring your kids so they can have their first contact with horses while they are young. This is an activity suitable for the whole family.

We have variety of other services related to the horse world and we are sure you will enjoy it as much as your kids. Enter any of our courses, they are suitable for all levels. Get ready for our jump contests or any other that we organize here.

Horses are also used in team building, so you can put a group together and bring your workmates.

We have special prices for groups and companies.

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Come to ride with us: 

There are several routes in Gran Canaria and each of them has something different to offer. Besides that there are all kinds of trails that can be adapted to different wishes. You can decide which one you want and we will make it possible for you.

Come and try for one day if you have never done it. We are sure you will love it. If you are already an experienced horse rider, let us show you the best sites for horseback riding in Gran Canaria.

Description € per person
1 hr 15 minutes Basic level (includes test on track) 40
2 hr 15 minutes Basic and medium level 70
3 hr 30 minutes Medium level (mimimum 2 people, maximum 7) 85
20 % discount for groups of 6 and bigger
1 day route (Sundays and bank holidays) Minimum 5 people, need to know how to jog 70 with lunch


Courses for all levels:

Classes are 1hr/45 minutes long.

Course Description #
First contact First contact and a ride 10 minutes 5
Introduction class Your first class 30 minutes 10
Loose class We´ll work on your progression 1 hour 18

Monthly bonus

1 class per week monthly 60
2 classes per week monthly 100


We make it easy for you

Let us take care of your trip, lay back and relax, well have it all ready for you.

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  3. Transfers
  4. Equipment rent

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