Via ferrata in Gran Canaria

Vias ferratas in Gran Canaria are very special. They are quite different from the rest of Europe since they weren’t built for other purpose than fun. Also, this activity has developed a lot, and on this island, top technology is used with the best materials and they are basically new.

People setting up these routes have done an excellent job and we now have routes from the introduction level to the hardest level possible, where you go through big overhanging walls and long roofs. Don’t worry if you are not a professional, we surely have something tailored to your needs.

Few of our routes are at the top list of ferratas in Europe and the world. This activity can’t be missed in your adventure plans.

The location of these routes in Gran Canaria is simply perfect. There is one in each zone of the island, that is why we always have something ready to be climbed, all year round, no matter the weather. There will always be a via ferrata ready for you under safe conditions.


What is a via ferrata?

In this activity we progress through the mountain, almost always on pure rock. On the most vertical and hardest bits we’ll always find some piece of metal that we can use for progression. All the time we’ll be secured to an iron cable, designed for holding a fall in the worst case. This sport is very safe if done properly, but could be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly.


Climb a via ferrata with us:  

Description Includes Video
Ferrata 1 Smooth and progressive, with variants that give you the opportunity of picking easy or hard routes. Shirt and pics 90 20 ind
30 group
Ferrata 2 Perfect for introduction to rock walls Shirt and pics 90 20 ind
30 group
Ferrata 3 Unique route, a lot of variety with a zip line 30 mts long as an access. The landscape makes it very special, you are in the highest area of the island. Some experience is needed. Shirt and pics 110 30 ind
40 group
Ferrata 4 One of the nicest routes in Europe and the longest on this island. 600 mts high with see view in one of the greenest areas of the island. Shirt and pics 130 30 ind
40 group
Ferrata 5 The hardest route on the island by far and one of the hardest in the world. Only for strong climbers or trained people. Shirt and pics 100 30 ind
40 group


Ferrata course:  

Course Description Includes Residents video
Full 2 days. On day 1 you will learn theory and practice in a super easy route. On day 2 you will go to route depending on your physical force. Shirt and pics 110 150 30



Excursions for companies and groups:  

Team bulding and groups of friends.


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Videos Via Ferrata Gran Canaria

La Guagua, one of the most spectacular routes in the World. More than 2000 feet of climb on a 3000 feet mountain

Primera Luna. Great adventure for everybody with variants for all skills.

Extraplomis (this route is the higest level, only for experts) (more videos of the other routes very soon)